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Parsons Solution

Lidocaine-Heparin Bladder Instillation (Parson’s Solution)

Parson’s Solution can be used for alleviating painful symptoms associated with Interstitial Cystitis / Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC/PBS)

What is Parson’s Solution?

Parson’s Solution is a single vial solution for bladder instillation via an intravesical procedure involving instilling a therapeutic solution into the bladder to help treat the pain and other associated symptoms of IC/PBS. Parson’s Solution works by administering an absorbable form of the anaesthetic drug lidocaine (lignocaine), to potentially immediately reduce pain, along with high dose heparin, a component representative of bladder mucus, which may prevent further irritation of the bladder.

What are the benefits of Parson’s Solution?

The advantages of this instillation therapy are:

  • The possible immediate relief of symptoms
  • Possible minimal side effects
  • Patients may not have to be admitted to hospital (can go home after the treatments)
  • Convenient one use single vial dosage form

Parson’s Solution contains a per dose combination of 200 mg Lidocaine HCl and 50,000 Units Heparin Sodium, alkalinized using a specialized buffer system. This combination has been studied in placebo-controlled clinical studies where it has been shown to reduce pain quickly and provide over 12 hours of pain relief, after a single 45 minute instillation.

Parson’s Solution is available in the UK as an unlicensed “Specials” medicine on a named patient basis, distributed by Mawdsleys Specialty Pharmaceuticals.

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