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Nutrition Service

A telephone helpline is available to members of The Cystitis and Overactive Bladder Foundation. It is an individual way of offering confidential help and support on the subjects of nutrition, diet, detection of trigger foods, plus advice on vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

It is run by Pamela Jones, who has experience with IC sufferers, and available at a cost of £10 per 20 minutes, to include the cost of the call. If you are interested, please send a S.A.E. to the office and they will send you a short Nutritional Assessment form to fill in and return to Pamela Jones with the fee. She will then make contact with you by telephone.

Pamela Jones, who has worked with the Foundation in the role of Nutritional Advisor for 10 years ,is a qualified Nutrition Consultant with a strong interest in IC and diet and has experience of working with some Foundation members. She also holds an Honours degree in Psychology and Post graduate Certificate in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University.

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