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10/12/15.  Check Out This Article On Examiner.Com :

Here is a new research study 

“Research suggests a potential genetic linkage between interstitial cystitis and panic disorder in certain families. In general, there is the possibility of a broad syndrome including bladder problems, chronic headachces/migraines, thyroid disorders and/or mitral valve prolapse. In 19 families with panic disorder, one genetic marker, namely, D13S779 on chromosome 13 was correlated with such a group of symptoms. Indeed, those with interstitial cystitis had a significantly higher lifetime prevalence of panic disorder, even when controlling for age and sex. First-degree relatives of those with interstitial cystitis were likewise more likely to have thyroid disorder, urologic problems, and panic disorder. The correlation between these otherwise disparate disorders suggest the possibility of a genetic linkage”

Nov 2015:

COB Members are asked to take part in the following studies in 2015:-

1. ALTAR study.

 Full title of project: 13/88/21 ALternatives To prophylactic Antibiotics for the treatment of Recurrent urinary tract infection in women (ALTAR study); a pragmatic randomised trial of urinary antiseptic versus prophylactic antibiotic.     

Chris Harding – I am a Urologist in Newcastle-u-Tyne with an interest in clinical research. I have recently been awarded £980K by the NIHR HTA scheme to carry out some research into female UTI’s – the ALTAR study. I am making initial contact to enquire whether you would like to be involved with this study as PPI rep on the trial steering committee. I am keen for a big patient organisation such as yourselves to be represented and would like to rolex yachtmaster ii replica offer COB first refusal. You will probably want to know a bit more about the trial and so if you are keen I can send you the detailed project plan – alternatively if you want to have a chat over the phone.

Mr C K Harding, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Freeman Hospital

COB Member Jane Staplford is the patient representative on the ALTAR study group. More information to follow in 2016.

2. Uromune Steering Group.

COB have been asked to represent the Patient at an Advisory Board Meeting to discuss recent developments in the management of Recurrent UTI. 

We shall happily welcome 2 COB Foundation members but ideally these should possess very good understanding of Urinary tract infections, it management, antibiotics resistance etc. and are able to contribute well in the meeting’

The first meeting was attended in September by Suzanne Evans and Susan Yates. COB views were well recieved. More meetings due in 2016.

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