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What is Hyacyst®?

Hyacyst® is a clear solution of sodium hyaluronate. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally throughout the body and bladder lining. Hyacyst® temporarily replaces hyaluronic acid and protects the bladder wall, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and creating a barrier against irritants in the urine. This helps to relieve the symptoms of pain, frequency and urgency of urination. Hyacyst® is available in a 40mg and 120mg strength in 50mls of solution.

What does Hyacyst® do?

Hyacyst® temporarily replaces the deficient GAG layer on the bladder wall, helping to relieve the pain, frequency and urgency of interstitial cystitis. Research has shown that sodium hyaluronate can provide relief from these distressing symptoms where other treatments have failed.

How is Hyacyst® administered?

Hyacyst® is instilled directly into the bladder with a catheter by your urologist or nurse. Hyacyst® should remain in the bladder for as long as possible (minimum 30 minutes). This usually only requires an outpatient visit to your hospital clinic.

How long do I need treatment for?

Patients will receive Hyacyst® weekly for 4 weeks, followed by monthly until symptoms resolve. The duration of treatment will vary from patient to patient. Your doctor or nurse will advise you. Further treatment may be recommenced in the future if symptoms return. Alternatively your doctor may recommend that you receive a higher strength of Hyacyst® 120mg. The treatment regime for Hyacyst® 120mg is the same as Hyacyst® 40mg.

Does Hyacyst® have any side-effects?

Hyacyst® is well tolerated and causes few, if any side effects. Occasionally, the insertion of the catheter into the bladder may cause some localised irritation as a result of the instillation procedure itself, rather than as a side-effect of Hyacyst®.

How do I obtain treatment with Hyacyst®?

Hyacyst® is classified as a medical device, and will be prescribed by your doctor and administered by either by a doctor or nurse. Please ask your doctor (e.g. urologist or gynaecologist) if Hyacyst® is appropriate for your condition.

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