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Oral Medications

Pain relief

Analgesics-Painkillers can help you to manage your pain. Various kinds of painkillers are available to help with different types and levels of pain. Analgesic Creams can be used to numb the urethra or vulva area. 

Anti-Inflammatories are useful in the treatment of continuous or regular pain associated with inflammation. Some anti-inflammatories are available to purchase over the counter, whilst others are available only on prescription. 

Anticonvulsants can be prescribed for chronic ongoing pain. 

Tricyclics/Antidepressents such as Amitriptyline are commonly prescribed to help chronic pain conditions. This group of medication can block the transmission of pain in the spinal chord and brain. For some, this medication may have a sedative effect and as a result, the number of night time frequency episodes may be reduced. 


This group of medication is designed to control the symptoms of bladder spasms or urge incontinence. 

They can be used to increase the bladder’s capacity and reduce the need to pass urine frequently (frequency). 

It is advised that you seek guidance from your medical practitioner in the event of any side effects connected with taking this medication. 


Hydroxine Atarax® is an antihistamine that is used for treating allergies.  It is used in the treatment of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome as it prevents the release of histamines that can cause inflammation.  In the immediate term, it can improve nocturia (the need to pass urine at night). Sufferers of IC/PBS should normally see an improvement within a short space of time. 

Cimetidine Tagamet® – More commonly used for healing stomach ulcers, this drug has also been found to be effective for some, in controlling symptoms of IC/PBS.  For full details of Cimetidine survey, please contact us. 

Elmiron® (Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium)

Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (Elmiron®) is the first oral medicine that is specifically for Interstitial Cystitis, although it has previously been used for the prevention of blood clots. It is believed to work by protecting the bladder wall.  Elmiron® is excreted in the urine and once the urine reaches the bladder, Elmiron® sticks to the exposed bladder walls and begins to replace the broken GAG defences. Elmiron® is at present, only available on a named-patient basis in the UK and may take up to six months to become fully effective.

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