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Lifestyle Changes

Fluid Intake: Ideal fluid intake for an adult is 2 – 2.5 litres a day. If night time frequency is an issue, lessening fluid intake during the evenings may help. Prolonged fluid reduction causes concentrated urine, not drinking enough can lead to bladder irritability.

Smoking: Nicotine can irritate the bladder muscle, causing bladder contraction and urgency. Coughing, as a result of smoking, may cause urinary leakage.

Stress: It may be helpful to learn basic relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and music relaxation.

Diet: Eliminate certain foods from your diet may help your symptoms. Please see the section on dietfor further information.

Exercise: Being overweight can cause pressure on the bladder, which may increase the symptoms of overactive bladder. Try to adopt a healthy diet, which should assist with weight loss as well as regulating bowel movement. If you are overweight or tired from disrupted sleep, you may find it difficult to exercise. Although it may be hard initially to make the effort, many people report feeling better physically and psychologically as a result.

Constipation: This increases pressure on the bladder. If constipation is a constant problem, you should contact your practice nurse or GP for advice.

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