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Dry Mouth

Many people need to take medication to help to try and control the bladder contractions. The use of anti-cholinergic drugs, which have been developed to alleviate these bladder contractions, may have a side effect of a dry mouth. Many people with OAB, have in the past, put up with a dry mouth in order to keep up with their medication. Others have found the problem too uncomfortable and have been forced to choose between continuing with the medication or keeping their mouth dryness under control. Other medications have been developed with less severe dry mouth side effects, but nonetheless it has remained a problem for many.

So what can be done about it?
The usual advice is to sip water, but this wets rather than lubricates. To avoid smoking, excessive alcohol intake, caffeine and foods high in sugar is sensible, chewing sugar free gum may be helpful. A good oral hygiene routine is important. Regular daily flossing and twice a day brushing are essential together with bi-annual dental check-ups.

The above will help in temporarily relieving the effects of dry mouth but may not bring essential lubricating comfort. For a longer lasting alternative to the problem there is a saliva substitute that has been found to be helpful. Biotène have a range of products developed specifically for dry mouth sufferers.

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