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What is Cystistat®?

The primary component of Cystistat® is sodium hyaluronate, a derivative of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the fluids of the eye, the joints, and in the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer of the bladder lining. This layer – which is deficient in many patients with interstitial cystitis – is believed to provide the bladder wall with a protective coating.

What does Cystistat® do? 

Cystistat® temporarily replaces the deficient GAG layer on the bladder wall, helping to relieve the pain, frequency and urgency of interstitial cystitis. Research has shown that Cystistat® can provide relief from these distressing symptoms where other treatments have failed.

How is Cystistat® administered? 

Cystistat® is instilled directly into the bladder by your urologist. This usually only requires an outpatient visit to your hospital clinic. 

How long do I need treatment for? 

For the first four weeks of treatment, all patients receive one instillation each week. After that, treatments are usually given once a month until the symptoms resolve. Response time will vary from patient to patient. A good response to Cystistat® may mean that instillation is only required every six, eight, or even 12 weeks. However; patients who do not notice an early improvement should not be discouraged, as five or six instillations may be necessary before symptoms begin to resolve. Treatment may be recommenced in the future if symptoms return.

Does Cystistat® have any side-effects? 

Research has shown that Cystistat® is well tolerated and causes few, if any adverse reactions. Occasionally, some localised irritation has been experienced as a result of the instillation procedure itself, rather than as a side-effect of Cystistat®. 

How do I obtain treatment with Cystistat®? 

Although Cystistat® is classified as a medical device, and is therefore not subject to the usual pharmaceutical supply regulations, it does require administration by qualified medical personnel. Furthermore, the decision as to whether or not Cystistat® is appropriate for any given patient must lie with the urologist. 

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