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A NEW product may help patients with cystisis or painful bladder syndrome who have had no relief using other treatments.

Cystilieve™ has been made available as a “special” – a product that can be ordered by doctors specially for named patients from Medicines By Design Ltd.

Although Cystilieve™ is a novel formulation, the active ingredients – lidocaine and simple sodium bicarbonate – have been widely used for many years. Lidocaine solutions are already approved for local anaesthetic and are used on mucous membranes of the oropharyngeal, tracheal and bronchial areas. It’s the combination of lidocaine and bicarbonate in Cystilieve™ that can be effective in relieving interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome.

It is essential that the pH of the bladder is adjusted in a precise sequence that optimises lidocaine absorption into the bladder lining. Doctors can use the Cystilieve™ kit to achieve this perfect pH and maximise the effects of the treatment during installation.