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Continence Related SensitiveSkin

OVER 50% of people with incontinence suffer from sore and broken skin, or Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD), when wearing continence pads, with almost all of those describing the condition as painful or uncomfortable.

Research has been conducted by 3M, manufacturers of Cavilon durable barrier cream, in association with the Cystitis and Overactive Bladder (COB) Foundation, the largest bladder patient support charity in the UK.

In the survey of 800 incontinence sufferers at home, 45% claimed to use a skin protectant, however others use regular moisturisers for skin protection which could in fact cause further irritation and reduce absorbency of continence pads.

The COB Foundation is working closely with 3M to advise people who suffer with sensitive skin and soreness due to continence problems to try a tried and tested barrier cream such as Cavilon.

Cavilon barrier cream is a preferred choice of healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland – already well used in hospital environments. It can be used on sore or broken skin, as well as a preventative solution to protect against IAD. 

The cream’s unique formulation moisturises the skin and acts as a barrier to prevent urine and faeces causing further discomfort to the sufferer. It doesn’t clog incontinence pads or underwear and resists ‘wash off’, meaning it provides durable, longer-lasting protection.

Given its durability, reapplication is only needed morning and night, not after each episode of incontinence.

Adhesives tapes and dressings are still effective when used with Cavilon barrier cream, and it is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It is parabens-free, non-irritant and hypoallergenic, and is safe to use on intact and broken skin.

This leading barrier cream has been used extensively in hospitals and prescribed by healthcare professionals for many years however, it is now available for self-purchase online at

“If you suffer from incontinence, as 3.2 million people over the age of 65 do in the UK, your skin is at risk if not protected against IAD,” explained Victoria Murray, 3M clinical specialist.

“IAD is an inflammation of the skin associated with exposure to urine or faeces. Elderly adults living independently and those in long-term care are primarily at risk.

“With Cavilon barrier cream now available to buy online and without prescription, it’s easy for incontinence sufferers to adopt a preventative regime, enabling them to still do the things they enjoy doing, without the pain and discomfort of sore or broken skin.”

Research by 3M and the COB Foundation showed a strong desire for Cavilon barrier cream to be more readily available, rather than sufferers having to obtain it via prescription.

At the COB Foundation we are very keen that our members understand the importance of using a barrier cream as part of their daily skin cleansing routine and the benefits of effective skin protection to both their physical and psychological well-being. Both sufferers and their carers can now easily access a barrier cream that will help maintain skin integrity and prevent soreness and discomfort.”   

Cavilon barrier cream is available in 92g (£11.99) and 28g (£5.99) tubes, as well as packs of 20 x 2g sachets (£10.99). For more information, visit:

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