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What is Gepan® instill? 

Gepan® instill is a pH-neutral, sterile solution which contains chondroitin sulphate (0.2%), a natural component of the protective layer of the bladder. 

Gepan® instill has been declared the favoured treatment in an independent scientific review (Madersbacher, 2013) for the treatment of chronic forms of cystitis, for example interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, radiation cystitis and chronically recurring cystitis. 

It is also recognised as an effective treatment 

These diseases are often associated with damage of the glycosaminoglycan layer of the bladder (GAG layer). This is a protective mucous membrane lining the bladder wall. When the GAG layer is damaged, irritant substances can easily pass through to the next layer of the bladder wall, causing inflammation and producing symptoms such as pain and an urgent need to pass water.  

 Therapy with Gepan® instill can improve symptoms and quality of life of patients by replenishing the GAG layer – like a kind of liquid band aid on a wound. 

What does Gepan® instill do? 

Gepan® instill temporarily replaces the deficient GAG layer on the bladder wall. Gepan® instill can provide relief from distressing symptoms such as urgency, frequency and pain and improve quality of life of people who suffer from chronic forms of cystitis and overactive bladder. 

How is Gepan® instill administered? 

Gepan® instill is instilled directly into the previously emptied bladder with the aid of a catheter. You should keep Gepan® instill in the bladder as long as possible, but for at least half an hour. 

How do I obtain treatment with Gepan® instill? 

Gepan® instill can be administered either by qualified medical personnel in a clinic, or patients who have been shown how to insert a catheter can do it themselves at home. Please ask your doctor (e.g. urologist or gynaecologist) if Gepan® instill is appropriate for your condition.  

How long do I need treatment for? 

The frequency of use and duration of treatment with Gepan® instill depend on the intensity of your symptoms. At the start of treatment, 4 to 6 instillations at weekly intervals have proved successful. Depending on your particular needs, your doctor may then adjust your therapy to one instillation per month. 

Does Gepan® instill have any side-effects? 

Research has shown that Gepan® instill is well tolerated and causes few, if any, adverse reactions. Occasionally, some localised irritation has been experienced as a result of the instillation procedure itself, rather than as a side effect of Gepan® instill.  

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